Engines take energy out of fuel by burning it. Within limits, the amount of fuel an engine can efficiently burn depends on the air supply. An engine spends more than 25% of its time working as an air pump to draw air in. The common use of Turbocharger to pump air into engine proves that the amount of air is critical to the efficiency of an engine. Anything that excessively restricts airflow to the engine will cause loss of power and higher fuel consumption.

When some of the biggest operation costs in heavy equipment is fuel, maintenance and downtime, any improvement that can be made are well worth examining.

Unbeatable Performance with Worlds First Technologies – Turbo Precleaners, made by Maradyne Corp of Cleveland OHIO has a 35 years of proven record. Removes up to 98% of all air borne contaminates, while achieving an unbeatable balance between efficiency and restriction amongst other products in the market.

Turbo II which was first marketed in 1972 was the first precleaner with spinner to force dirt out. This model had been discontinued in 1980s. However this older technology can now be found in Centri, Enginaire, Donaldson’s new TOP SPIN and SY-KLONE.