Rentar Fuel Catalyst brings multiple benefits to users while at the same time helps clean the environment of noxious emissions and harmful greenhouse gases. Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a product of Rentar Environmental Solutions Inc, USA – a global leader in pre-combustion technologies, striving to provide solutions that benefit the environment significantly. Rentar Fuel Catalyst enjoys several patents globally and has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions from furnaces, boilers and generators.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a contact type catalyst that brings about fuel savings on liquid and gas fossil fuels like Diesel, Furnace Oil, piped Natural Gas etc, in on-road or off-road engines, and equipment like HEMM, furnaces and boilers. Savings through use of Rentar Fuel Catalyst range from 2% to up to 30% while reduction in emissions is found to be up to 44%. While the investment on Rentar Fuel Catalyst can be recovered within a few months, the unit continues to deliver benefits to the buyer during the rest of its long life. The life of HBL Rentar Fuel Catalyst is 100,000 working hours which is over 10 years on 24×7 basis.

The performance of Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been proven in test laboratories of international repute and the benefits are being enjoyed by customers across the globe on thousands of installations.

This fuel saving product can be used in the following equipment

  • Off Road Engines (Generators, Compressors, HEME etc.).
  • On Road Engines (Buses, Trucks, Heavy Transport Vehicles etc.).
  • Marine, Oil & Natural Gas fired Boilers, Furnaces and Ovens, Locomotives.

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