A power trowel (also known as a “power float”, “helicopter” or “trowel machine” or “whirlybird”) is a piece of light construction equipment used by construction companies and contractors, to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs

Power Trowel (Electrical & Diesel)

Technical Specifications

Model ST436-5R ST422-5R JM900
 Rotation Speed  60-120r/min  60-120r/min  100r
 Quantity of Blade  4 H/4 pcs  4 H/4 pcs  4 H/4 pcs
 Blade Size  350x150x1.5mm  210x150x1.8mm  350x150x1.5mm
 Diameter of finish Disc (selectable by the user)  800/900mm  600mm  800/900mm
 Power  5.5hp  6hp  2.2kw-2p