KenCast is an exclusive Kennametal product protected by U.S. patents 5,279,902 and 5,094,923. We take tungsten carbide particles of varying sizes and metallurgically bond them to air-hardened steel. This combination of steel’s durability with carbide’s toughness creates a wear part that withstands extremely abrasive and high-impact applications.

KenCast helps your equipment last longer…in many cases, a lot longer, depending on the application and operating conditions. That means you save money with reduced downtime, repair costs, and inventory. Keeping our customers competitive and productive is our primary focus!

Surface Mining

No matter how abrasive the material mined, Kennametal KenCast wear parts will significantly reduce costly wear on dragline and surface mining buckets when applied to bucket lips and wing shrouds.

Proven:These KenCast parts were 75 percent intact after handling five million cubic yards of highly abrasive sandstone overburden. In fact, they were still usable after the bucket had to be replaced!

Aggregates and Quarries

KenCast protects grouser bars and track pads from excessive wear and losing their grip in the rugged terrain of quarries. It also provides optimum protection against abrasive sliding and impact wear on grizzlies and screens.

Proven: KenCast on this grizzly of a primary crusher withstood 900,000 tons of highly abrasive impact, compared to the 75,000-ton average life of abrasion-resistant steel. The customer saved more than $2,000 per month on maintenance costs!


Our new vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher center feed disks with KenCast protection last significantly longer in severe operating conditions compared to traditional disk materials. Available in sizes up to 21″ in diameter.

Proven: In one recent customer field test, KenCast quadrupled the life of a VSI crusher center feed disk, from 200 hours to 800 hours!

Underground Mining

KenCast provides outstanding wear life protection in extremely abrasive conditions in underground mining. It is proven to substantially increase longwall drum-vane life.

Continuous loading arm (CLA) tips protected by KenCast maintain their shape and productivity longer than non-carbide CLA tips.

Highway Construction

KenCast parts on highway construction equipment help reduce significant wear in abrasive and extremely hard conditions such as asphalt and concrete. Use it on:

  • Reclamation equipment
  • Road planing equipment
  • Trenching equipment


KenCast parts are extremely effective at reducing wear on tunnel boring machines in highly abrasive conditions. Proven uses include:

  • gage and cutter face protection
  • roller cutters
  • bucket lips

Grinding and Recycling

Kennametal’s exclusive grinder hammer tips with KenCast material provide outstanding, long-lasting performance in recycling highly abrasive materials, such as asphalt roof shingles.

Proven: Our grinder hammer tips with KenCast lasted 90 hours, or 10 times longer than competitive tools, during a field test at an asphalt shingles recycling operation!

Road Maintenance

Routine road maintenance exposes your equipment to a variety of high-wear conditions. KenCast provides excellent protection against abrasive wear on drag shoes for snowplows and street sweepers. Our drag shoes have a steel matrix of 52-58 Rockwell C hardness, compared to standard brazed carbide shoes that use mild steel to hold the carbide in place.

KenCast also can significantly reduce common wear damage on winter road maintenance equipment, including:

  • snowplow blades
  • plow frame shoes
  • curb bumpers
  • skid plates
  • wing shoes
  • moldboard shoes
  • plow blade end protectors