PM Hoist (Rack & Pinion): Material Handling

Special Features

  • A very Convenient and Safe mode for Vertical movement of Men and Material.
  • Easy, Fast and Safe installation and dismantling for re-location.
  • Positive engagement of drive system makes it inherently safe.
  • Secondary Centrifugal safety device incase of rare drive system failure.
  • Highly customizable Control

Technical Specifications

Model SC-100 SC-160 SC-200
Pay load capacity 1000kg 1600kg 200kg
Cage size (LxWxH) 2×1.3×2.1mts 3×1.3×2.1mts 3×1.3×2.1mts
Drive power 2×12.5hp 2x15hp 3x15hp
Speed 0-33m/mm 0-33m/mm 0-33m/mm
Maximum lifting height 150 mts 160 mts 160 mts

Suspended Rope Platforms

Special Features

  • Construction and decoration on outer wall of high building or installation of structural members.
  • Repair, maintenance and cleansing of outer wall of high building, construction, inspection, maintenance and repair of big project such as big tank, chimney, dam, bridge.
  • Welding. cleansing and painting of alrge ship.
  • Fabrication and installation of billboard at aerial building.


Multi Functional Hoist

Special Features

  • Very sturdy and user friendly
  • Low maintenance and easy to install
  • Available with Electric motor or Diesel engine
  • Optional Dual drives (Electrical and Diesel prime mover is installed on the same chassis. Power can be taken from any source and is easily interchangeable)
  • Inbuilt mechanical locking system for bucket and platform (in case of wire failure) which will lock the platform and bucket with the tower mast and restrict the free fall.
  • A fail safe brake is incorp orated in the Motor itself to provide double protection against free falling in case of power failure.


HE 1000TF – Mini Hoist

Technical Specifications

Voltage 380/220V
 Frequency  50Hz
 Engine Power  3.5Hp
 Max. Lifting Capacity  1000 Kg
 Cable Length  40 M
 Lifting Speed  14.5 M/min
 Steel Cable Diameter  7mm
 Hoist Weight  62 Kg
 Dimensions  mm 860 X 320 X 570h

HE 525 – Mini Hoist

Model – Motor Type

 Voltage  220V
 Frequency  50Hz
 Engine Power  1500 W
 Max. Lifting Capacity  325 Kg
 Cable Length  30 M
 Lifting Speed  24 M/min
 Hoist Weight  60 Kg
 Dimensions of the Box  mm 1060 X 400 X 640 h

HE 325 – Mini Hoist

Model – Motor Type

 Voltage 220/380 V
 Frequency 50/60 Hz
 Engine Power 2500 W – 3,4 Hp
 Max. Lifting Capacity 500 Kg
 Cable Length 60 M
 Lifting Speed 22 M/min
 Hoist Weight  120 Kg
 Dimensions of the Box mm 540 X 2200 X 610 h

Lifting Solutions

Man Basket for 2,3,4 Persons and Emergency Rescue
Crane Suspended man basket are known throughout the industry for their excellent protection, heavyweight stability and long service life. Every basket is tested in-house with three time the load before deliver to insure the maximum safety and fully compliance with industry standard. We offer both standard and economy models and custom designed platforms for almost any shape and size.
Technical Specifications

 Size of Cage  600 kg
 Capacity  600 kg
 Height  2250 mm
 Width  1300 mm
 Length  1300 mm
 Dry Weight  220 kg
 SWL  2 person+ 50 kg