Kennametal’s improved Dual-carbide-Insert grader blades provide exceptional wear resistance to substantially reduce your replacement-part inventory costs. Unlike high-carbon, through-hardened, or flame-hardened steel blades, Kennametal’s patented dual-carbide blade design stays straight, maintains a sharp, clean cutting edge, and stops crowning. These blades will significantly outlast imbedded carbide granule-style blades, as well.

Kennametal blades are sold in a variety of lengths and utilize a “universal” bolt hole pattern so they fit all makes and models of motor graders. Using shorter-length blades in combination to cover the entire moldboard length enables you to replace just a worn section, rather than the entire blade. Shorter lengths of blades also make possible rotation of the sequence of the blades on the moldboard, so the blade arrngement stays straighter longer. And one person can easily change these shorter, lighter blade sections. That means significantly reduced replacement dowtime, labor and overall operation costs.

Now 70% stronger with improved blaze material!

Our Dual-Carbide blades are manufactured using state-of-art technology and are backed by a comprehensive warranty program. Try them and see for yourself why they are the most cost-effective blades on the road.