Planetary and special gearboxes

Many models of DESCH planetary gearboxes have been built and continuously developed since 1954. The gearboxes are used worldwide in the most varied of applications.

DESCH planetary gearboxes unite smooth running, as well as low-noise and low-vibration with long lifetimes. They are characterized by their compact sizes as well as minimum maintenance requirements and are available as single, double or three-stage models, as well as multistage switching gearboxes. DESCH planetary gearboxes cover torque ranges up to 2,000,000 Nm.
Planetary gearboxes have a very high level of efficiency and therefore provide significant advantages in comparison to spur gears. The small sizes and low weight result in high power density, which contributes to the decisive advantage of the DESCH gearboxes, especially in the area of machine tools. End-to-end, central drillings are also possible, as well as variable hydraulic, pneumatic or manual switching concepts.

Planetary and special gearboxes

Due to the fatigue-endurable design of their teething and their high level of impact resistance, the gearboxes are used as robust drive units, e.g. in conveyors and applications within the field of rolling mills and iron and steel plants.

Whether in hydroelectric power plants, swing gears, centrifuges or extraction plants, DESCH special gearboxes are specifically fitted in close cooperation with the customer to the required drive application. Of course, only elements and components are used that have been developed for decades within standard components. High gear teeth quality and precision anti-friction bearings ensure smooth running. Especially in fast-running applications in the area of test stand gearboxes, these features are advantageous.

As a renowned manufacturer of planetary special gearboxes, DESCH Antriebstechnik carries out exhaustive test runs for the respective product on its test stands, developed by DESCH itself in-house.
Theoretically determined parameters are often verified and documented in the presence of the customer.

DESCH planetary and special gearboxes are also used in the drives of surface aerators, agitators and pump drives and many other industrial areas of application.

Your benefits:

  • Increased rigidity of the drive, e.g. in aerial drives
  • Variable modular concept, even available in non-standard configurations with special transmission ratios
  • Can be adapted to every application: whether as a bevel gear planetary gearbox, a spur gear or pure planetary gearbox in flange or base design, with hollow shaft, solid shaft or with plug-in gearing on the drive side
  • Fatigue-endurable teething allows the gearbox to be used even under the highest loads
  • High level of torsional stiffness due to the double-walled planet carrier
  • Precision drives on request with low-play gearing
  • Specially adjusted torques and transmission ratios possible for various machining tasks

Overview of Power Transmission

DESCH Power Transmission provides tried-and-tested, innovative clutch technology and a formidable range of series products of standardised drive elements. DESCH is not only the manufacturer and supplier, but also the system partner and service center for you, the customer.