Concrete Processing Solutions

  • Compact and simple structure
  • Reliable & stable spray
  • High efficiency and long working life
Items Unit Parameters
Slurry Producing amount L/H 6000
Motor power Description 7.5/3.0
Size of sand grain mm < 5
 W/C  > 0.30
 Pressure of grouting  Mpa  2.5-6.0
 Transportation Distance Vertical  M  50 (sand-cement slurry)/80 (grout)
 Horizontal  M  200
 Volume of hopper  L  200
 Overall weight  Kg  360
 External Dimension (L× W × H)  Mm  1460×800×930

Gasoline Vibrator Engine

Technical Specifications

Model 168F-C 168F-H
 Horse Power  6.5HP  5.5HP
 Weight(KG)  15  18
 Size  362*312*335mm  362*312*335mm
 Coupling  Hayashi/Danapac/Chinese
 Engine  Chinese Engine  Honda Engine

Portable Immersion Motor – ZN35

Technical Specifications

Model ZN35
 Power  680W
 Voltage  220V
 Rotation Speed  13000 RPM
 Current  2.7A
 Sizes  350x330x220mm
 Weight  6kg

Vibrator Motor – ZN 50A

Technical Specifications

Model ZN50A
 Voltage  380/220V
 Frequency HZ  50/60
 Power  1.1 kw
 Amplitude  >1.0 mm
 Rotation Speed  2840r/min