Bar Bending & Cutting Machine

Technical Specifications
A/c. supply 415 Volts, 3 phase & Neutral
Capacity : 6 mm to 36 mm
Motor : 5hp 3 phase 415 Volts
Working Disc Rotation Speed : 8r/min
Rotation Speed of Motor : 1450 rpm
Size : L 1050mm X W 950mm X H 730mm
Weight : Approx 550 kgs

Special Features

  • Easy to operate with optimum efficiency.
  • Gear Box body mild steel & gear teeth long life.
  • Heavy duty gear box with gears in oil bath.
  • Pins and all friction working parts are hardened steel.
  • Emergency stop push button on panel.
  • Increased productivity and reduced labor cost.
  • Compact & user friendly design easy to operated and adjustable guide rollers with dual operation by hand & foot.

Section Steel Cutter

Technical Specifications
Model JG-400A-1 JG-400A2
Machine weight 58 65
Diameter & thickness of sand wheel blade 400*3.5 400*3.5
Rotation speed of main shaft 2840 2840
Max. cutting capacity 40 50
Model of motor 90L-2 Y100L-2
Power 2.2kw 3kw
Rotation speed 2840 2880

Bar Cutting Machine

Technical Specifications
Capacity : 6mm to 36mm
Motor : 5hp 3 phase
Rotation Speed of Machine : 2750
Size : L 1200mm X W 600mm X H 700mm
Weight : Approx 750 kgs

Special Features

  • Main body is specially fabricated for long life & heavy duty cutting
  • Compact design for improved portability
  • Flywheel dynamically balanced for less vibration & noise and longer life of moving parts
  • Main on/off switch is MCB
  • Metal Guard Protection for motor, starters & V Belts against damages from all weather conditions & avoids accidents
  • Phosphorous bronze bush for frictionless rotation

CNC Steel Bar Stirrup Bender SGW12D-1

Technical Specifications
Single Wire (mm) : 5-13
Double Wire (mm) : 5 – 10
Max Bending Angle : 180
Max Length of Stirrup Side : 1000
Min Length of Stirrup Side : 90
Max Traction Speed : 75-100
Max Bending Speed : 800 – 1050 ( °/sec)
Length Accuracy : ±1
Bending Angle Accuracy : ±1°
Installed Power : 32 Kw
Bending Direction : Bi-direction

Special Features

  • Automatic wire feeding system (CNC).
  • Moveable air compressor design, to ensure better cooling effect, easy transportation and installation.
  • Split, multi blade design (patented) to reduce consumption costs.
  • Large storage capacity can save 500 processing geometric graphics, high degree automation
  • Automatic double wire intake system, high processing efficiency.
  • High power feeding motor to ensure bending bar accuracy.
  • The intelligent fault identification alarm system maintenance more convenient
  • Aerodynamic design observation door, easy adjustment and maintenance, and more security and fast.
  • Heavy duty design line planes, equipped with a brake and buffer device can prevent chaotic lines caused by downtime
  • High quality special material and high treatment to make straightening wheels, traction wheels, the metering wheel, longer life with lower operating costs.
  • Touch screen console, easy to operate, and more fast.